My name is Jordan Andrew and I’m a music composer and sound designer based out of Vancouver.

My experience with music started as a professional touring DJ/turntablist since 17, sharing stages with some of the best in the world such as Skratch Bastid, Maseo of De La Soul, Krafty Kuts, and The Funk Hunters. Although a different industry, these moments are dear to me because they instilled an understanding of musical context/history and a studious ear for detail. 

I’ve been making music for near a decade now with softwares like Logic 9/10 and Pro Tools. This was a key component to many of those past opportunities and my current ones such as composing for video games, short films and commercials.

Although I primarily focus on composing, I also have experience in other post-production sound practices: Foley Recording/Editing, SFX Editing, Dialog Editing and 5.1 mixing. And of course the industry standard softwares involved. 

My mission is to make sure I support the client’s story through music and sound as effectively as possible. I really enjoy collaboration and discussing creative ideas just as much as bringing them to life (aka nerding out).

So that being said, I’m always keen for an email and/or coffee chat. Thanks for your time and I hope to connect!

- Jord

Photo by Phi Vernon

Photo by Phi Vernon